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Buchanan... Making Midland

History Since 1904

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Our Refinery

Buchanan Refining’s new fully permitted 11,500 barrel per day refinery will be located on the 7,000 acre Buchanan Ranch which is ten miles east of Midland proper off of Highway 158 in the heart of the Wolfcamp shale play.  Buchanan Refining will be able to offer to distributors and end users what has long been missing – a consistent, locally produced supply of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Full Range Naphtha and Atmospheric Gasoil.

Due to our centrally located market placement, low cost of crude transportation and very efficient refinery design, Buchanan Refining is well placed to be the low cost supplier into the Midland market.  


As a refresher, Buchanan Refining is building the first of what may grow to be two or three small refining units in Midland, Texas.  Each unit will process approximately 11,500 bpd of crude which will result in the manufacture of three products – finished pipeline grade Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Full Range Naphtha and an Atmospheric Gasoil. The facility will cover thirty acres and will have tankage appropriate for a refinery of the proposed size.  Buchanan is blessed to have a significant amount of third party crude infrastructure already on the Ranch.  Contracts are being negotiated currently for the base load crude supply.  All of the necessary infrastructure to make deliveries has been included in the design of the facility.  Up to three state of the art loading racks dedicated solely to ULSD distribution are being constructed with all the necessary roads, turnarounds, easements having been thoughtfully planned with our future customer’s needs in mind.  Buchanan Refining has made a commitment to ensuring that its customers have the fastest turnaround time possible as we are well aware that lay times create unnecessary expenses for our customers.  In addition the possibility exists for Buchanan Refining to offer major customers signage opportunities, specifically dedicated racks and storage to allow customers to better manage their inventory positions.

Refinery Layout
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Midland Oil Storage & Terminal Complex
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